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When conditions are right, executive coaching can be one of the best people investments you'll ever make" -Forbes.com

Executive Business Coaching/Consulting Innovative Strategy Leader

As an Executive Business Coach / Consultant I focus on provide Coaching, Guidance and Counsel in development of plans involving strategy development, globalization, resource allocation, centralization, timelines, work plans and financial outcomes.

  • Work with the CEO, Board Of Directors, Entrepreneurs, Executive Team, Innovation Team & the Executive Management
  • Focus on Improving the business processes to better serve the company and their clients.
  • Provide critical thinking and solution building by helping to link the company’s strategic agenda to creating an execution plan and following through to the end goal results.
  • Review the business current operations processes and make recommendations to improve efficiency, enhance leadership and growth.
  • Present regularly to Senior and Executive Leadership Teams explaining transformation strategy, collecting feedback, and providing updates on progress and performance.
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