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ADVISOR, Space Advisor, Executive Business Consultant & Innovative Solution Builder BELLA MIRANDA
I want to inspire people.
I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you I Didn’t Give up!”
ADVISOR, Executive Consultant & Innovative Solution Builder BELLA MIRANDA


Let's Eliminate Problems & Create Innovative Solutions

Bella Miranda is an Advisor, Space Advisor, Executive Business Coach and Innovative Solution Builder

BELLA is currently working with certain Commercial and Private Space Companies ...

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Executive Business Consulting Innovative Strategy Leader

As an Executive Business Coach/Consultant I focus on provide Coaching, Guidance & Counsel
  • Work with the CEO, Board Of Directors, Entrepreneurs, Executive Team, Innovation Team & The Executive Management
  • Focus on Improving the business processes to better serve the company and their clients.
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Advisor: I Advise CEO’s, Board of Directors, Organizations, & Foundations.

As an Advisor my main responsibility is to effectively communicate the businesses strategic objectives with Executives and Senior management to drive the business forward.
  • Aim to identify strengths within the company and help the company overcome weaknesses in specific areas.
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Executive Strategic Coaching

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"Not all CEO’s come to the table with the full set of skills they need to build their companies to last for the next decade."

Executive & CEO Testimonials

“You helped us expand our brand to a level we never thought possible. Thank you Bella for believing in us and pushing us forward. We really couldn’t have done it without you.”

M.T -CEO Tech Company (Silicon Valley)

"I started working with Bella Miranda over 2 years ago when I took the position as CEO for our Fortune 100 Company. We ran into issues that were not resolvable within our own walls. Within months of working with BELLA our problems dissolved quickly into solutions and she is now one of our top Advisors."


"When Bella walked into my board room it changed the minute I met her. I found myself being brutally honest because she's so easy to talk too and getting back answers or suggestions that my own board and executives were not able to suggest or strategize. She removed the issues in our company and created an innovative solution in rebuilding and rebranding our existing structure. We have exceeded our goals for the fiscal year."

T.H - Internationally Recognized Company(California)

"I would highly recommend Bella Miranda as an Executive Coach/Consultant & Networker. Bella is constantly creating new and diverse ways to remove unnecessary complications and stagnant blocks in my company. Bella knows key players in almost every field and is a great net worker. Bella knows how to match up people who need to meet to further their career. She is constantly learning and improving her skills and those clients (including me) that she chooses to work with and helps elevate their business to the next level. I am thankful for her Executive Leadership and her kindness. It certainly is contagious throughout our Board Member meetings."

S.H -CEO-Top 50 Realtors in USA. Featured in Oprah's Magazine (USA)

“When I needed an innovative solution and advice, Bella was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With her help, we led our Company in the right direction with optimal clarity. We are now an international company”

T.W -Luxury Interior Designer (South Africa)

Bella. What can I say? Every CEO and BofD needs to meet with her. Her frequency is other worldly and creates optimal change. Thanks Bella"

M.J.J - VP Of Multinational Tech Company and Angel Investor (California)